Could You Need a Tooth Extraction?

No one wants their teeth pulled. Even one missing tooth can affect your appearance and self-esteem. However, there are numerous reasons why a tooth extraction might be in your best interest. Learn some of the biggest reasons why you could need a tooth extraction and schedule the appointment with the dentist Carrollton GA as soon as possible if one of these issues is affecting your life.

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When a cavity becomes too large, it is no longer fillable and the dentist has only one option and that is an extraction. Since one tooth can impact the surrounding teeth, it is important to extract this cavity-filled tooth quickly so it doesn’t disturb other teeth in the mouth.

Excess Teeth

Crowding is a problem that about 20% of the population experiences. It can occur to anyone of any age but is more likely to occur in adults. This occurs when there is more than one tooth in one space. If this happens, the foreign tooth must be removed from the mouth.

Gum Disease

If you’re affected by gum disease, tooth loss may be one of the consequences that you face. If the problem is going to cause you to eventually lose the tooth, go ahead and pull ay that are giving you trouble or causing pain. Why prolong the inevitable?

Tooth Infection

A cavity that is left too long can set up an infection in the pulp of the tooth. This is oftentimes painful. If a root canal has been performed before, it is unlikely to help a second time and an extraction then becomes necessary.

Tooth extractions are necessary for any number of reasons, including those listed above. Maintain regular dental visits and those extractions will be few and far between. That is one great reason to smile!